Ọrọèdè Development Group

Ọrọèdè is a searchable English to Yorùbá   dictionary, based on the Princeton University project WordnetỌrọèdè is composed of a MySQL conversion of Prolog files of Wordnet.  Initially the interface and logic were written in procedural PHP, but currently work is underway to port it to an Object Oriented Framework using the Model-View-Controller layout.

Ọrọèdè is currently in the testing phase, thus no downloadable files are available yet , but an online demonstration is available at Sourceforge.net, hopefully with the community support it will become a full release by end of year 2006. We welcome feedback from users regarding the accuracy of entries and the features available.

You may login using the following credentials

If you are a guru in written Yorùbá, and interested in editing the Yorùbá database, send a request for an account to jotuyelu@yahoo.com.

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