ỌRỌÈDÈ: Currently in the testing phase, thus no downloadable files are available yet for those who want to install it, but an online demonstration is available at Ọrọèdè , hopefully with the community support it will become a full release by end of year 2006. We welcome feedback from users regarding the accuracy of entries and the features available.

ABD YORUBA: Created by Bomi Olamijulo-Oki, is a keyboard layout software that allows users to type both in English and proper Yorùbá orthography. It is the keyboard layout used in facilitating the editing of the entries during the development of the Ọrọèdè software. The software may be downloaded at the following link ABD kbd .
A comprehensive tutorial can be found at ABD kbd tutorial.

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your support will enable commercial hosting of the project, fund the development and modification of various OpenSource software to accomodate the Yorùbá orthography.